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Working Blades by Teofil Simov

"Tools that don't fail when need it."

Teofil "Tedy" Simov

Apart from being a nature lover, climber, mountaineer, hunter and wildlife enthusiast, marksman shooter and defense instructor Tedy is also one of the new age Bulgarian knife makers. About 5 years ago he started Working Blades shop based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Working Blades creates modern tough designs inspired by old classics.

Tedy’s unique designs are handmade and feature a lot of curvy lines, differential heat treatment and mean serious business. As he said in one of our conversations his knives are curvy because everything in nature is curvy and it just fits. They are rough but incredibly strong since the knife has to be a tool for cutting and splitting. Even his shorter blades can be used to skin, split breast bones and cut through leg bones with an ease. When they are used for these purposes, the Working Blades steel choice differential heat treat shows its advantages.

One of his earliest forging work is a Jatagan an kukri mix, Japanese style handle wrapping. Distal taper, 500 mm long, 6mm thick (handle) 40-50mm wide, epoxy-soaked wrap.

For his latest designs Teofil uses 66mn4 steel, differential heat treatment to achieve 60HRC cutting edge and 52HRC spine and Brazilian Ironwood scales.

Working blades creates unique axes as well and has future plans for more specialized forged tools.

66Mn4 steel, differential heat treatment. 350mm long, 130 mm head wide, 5 and 6 mm thick, 90mm cutting edge. Aircraft plywood handle, above textolite liners, coper tube pins.