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WB Wakizashi

WB Wakizashi
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Handcrafted Japanese inspired WAKIZASHI style blade made from 66mn4/1.1260 steel, distal taper, shinogi zukuri with zero-grind, wrapped handle, epoxy soaked, no holes in tang. Differential heat treat with soft spine and tang.
Made per order.


Blade Length: 12.6"
Blade Thickness: 0.197"
Blade Width: 1.97"
Handle Length: 7.1"
Edge Hardness: 58-60HRC
Spine and Tang Hardness: 50-52HRC
Steel 66mn4/1.1260
Handle Fabric Wrapped, Soaked in Epoxy

Steel Specifications:

Type 66mn4/1.1260 High Carbon Spring Steel
Carbon (C) 0.662%
Chrome (Cr) 0.28%
Silicon (Si) 0.243%
Manganese (Mn) 0.938%
Phosphorus (P) 0.014%
Copper (Cu) 0.344%
Sulfur (S) 0.0002%
Aluminum (Al) 0.019%
Tin (Sn) 0.018%

As each knife is a very unique item carefully handmade one-by-one by Teofil, in some cases ​ there may be slight differences in measurements, shape and color. Delivery is within 3-6 weeks from placing the order.

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